IN-SITE Field Services Management

The In-Site Platform is a powerful, enterprise-class management solution for organizations running data-intensive applications.


It enables the agility required to predictably meet and exceed multiple processes and lines of business, while making optimal use of available infrastructure and the existing human resources.

The In-Site Platform is an integrated platform, incorporating FIELD SERVICES capabilities can help you improve the performance of your analytics in order to support faster, more accurate and more reliable decision-making.

In-Site Platform – Key advantages

  • Innovative industry solution throughout the merchandising chain based on our deep R&D capabilities.
  • Comprehensive support in order to deliver a unique, end-to-end solution.
  • Merchandising markets industry-specific offering and expertise.
  • Full utilization of server and storage infrastructure.
  • Smartphone Application
  • Multi-linguality
  • Configurable entities and objects
  • Secured and role-based main dashboards for all kind of managerial professions
  • Easy access to a rich set of modules and real time information based on their permissions.

In Site Platform provides the ability to easily and dynamically access system for:

  • active projects,
  • assigned instructions,
  • POS location
  • GPS validation and POS identification,
  • real-time data collection,
  • photos taking (reporting)
  • time in/out
  • Questionnaires
  • Business Management Tool
  • Field Management Tool
  • Reporting Module (Reporting in Graphical,Tabular Format, by Client Structure)
  • Issue Tracking Module
  • Web Analytics
    • Standard visitor metrics and annotations
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Real time data
    • Geolocation of users
    • Referrers analysis
    • Pages overlay

Need for a smart tool to manage field services?